Is Your Body Effectively Using the Water You Drink?

Hydration is the first basic step: Your Body has to use Water Effectively to get the Benefits

Leading-edge research has identified a fourth phase of water. It is a gel that lines all the cells of your body and essentially turns your body into a battery. The gel fuels your mitochondria – the cell’s energy generator – to use as a source of energy. It also stores and transmits information, much like a computer chip.
This fourth phase of water, often called “structured water,” has the greatest impact on your energy of any single molecule in your body.
It is possible to introduce more structure to water by cooling it, by exposure to sunlight, vortexing and adding electrolytes such as in salt solutions.
In other words, you can energy hack it! Some energy hacks you can implement yourself. Others require the help of nature.

Structured Water Energy hacks

Boost your energy by drinking “charged” water
Just add pressure. Because the earth’s natural processes on water – melting, underground flow, and pressure – create structure, glacial, spring, volcanic, artesian, mineral, and sparkling waters are excellent choices to add structured water. Consider a company’s extraction methods and environmental practices when choosing a brand. Water bottled in glass will retain its purity. Water bottled in plastic doesn’t fair so well.
Chill. Cool water to about 39 degrees before drinking. Lowering the temperature brings the water closer to the phase between ice and liquid to increase the structure.
Do the twist. Pour water into a glass cylindrical container and stir it with a spoon to create a vortex. The mechanical action increases structure.

Get Specific
Information structured water solutions called Infoceuticals can deliver precise healing information to your cells. Infoceuticals are a 21st-century advancement on the theory of homeopathy. The appropriate remedy, mixed in water before drinking, charges the water with the correcting information.
Squeeze it. Juicing puts pressure on the plant cells which contain 4th phase water, so it creates structure in the resulting liquid.
Soak it up! Because light increases water’s structure, exposing your body to sunlight builds the charge in your cells. Infrared light will work, too. And you can add structure to your drinking water by exposing it to sunlight.

Why It Works
Gerald Pollack, Ph. D., a professor of bio-engineering at the University of Washington, is at the forefront of the research on the fourth phase of water. He has found that, in addition to liquid, ice, and steam, water can also form itself into a fourth phase: a liquid-crystalline, or gel-like, structure, consisting of stacked hexagonal layers with oxygen and hydrogen in a 2:3 ratio. Its chemical formula is H3O2. We will call it "structured" water because the molecules are ordered, not randomly dispersed.
This gel forms at the point where water touches a water-loving (hydrophilic) surface like a cell membrane. The gel appears to line the membrane, separating it from the rest of the liquid inside the cell.
This gel, also called "structured" water, can convert heat and light into a source of electrons. The gel is negatively charged while the liquid in the middle is positively charged. These opposing charges give the cells the potential to store and produce energy.
Because it stores energy, the gel lining the cells essentially turns your body into a battery, in effect. Think about it: because a hydrophilic membrane encases each of your body's cells, water touching the membrane turns into the negatively charged gel, which reacts to the positively charged liquid in the middle. Trillions of cells lined by this charged gel produce your body’s energy!

This gel – the structured water in the cells – can receive and hold information. This is good news because we can "inform" the cells with energy from various sources – food, sunlight, heat, the earth, and unique constituents called Infoceuticals. Many of you have tried these and continue to use them for their amazing health benefits. Whether its improved sleep, energy, sex drive, lustrous nails, and increased, consistent feelings of happiness :) Infoceuticals are energetic remedies that have been imprinted with bio-information to pinpoint and correct distortions in your body-field directly. Schedule a scan to find out which ones your body is crying for and continue your lifetime journey with Energy for Life!

Much of the above comes from these science sources: