Invitation to Scan: Star Trek Style!

Have you done the BioEnergetics Scan yet? 

My clients have been happy to report feeling more energy, less anxiety, and less body pain. I love it!
Some folks who had "liver" or "kidney" reported a little detox feeling/healing crisis, and then it lifted.

Here is a portion of three of my scans, compared side-by-side. I am glad to be opening up channels of communication and energy in my body, and feeling better. I have started jogging again after two years! I am guessing that will help my clothing fit better soon :) 

I am thinking of starting a "Vlog" of 1 to 3-minute videos sharing news about the healing journey of all those who are using NES for health. I will post links here!

Schedule your next scan and we can compare them to see the improvements and talk about increasing your ability to deal with everyday stress, so that you get the energy back you need. Whoohoo!