Practical Wellness: Introductory offer lasts until April 30th

What if you could see inside your body, 
see the health issues 
and get what you need to open up the flow of energy 
and ignite your bodies natural healing process?

With a BioEnergetic Scan, you can.

The pictures are from a brief BioEnergetic Scan. There are six distinct sections with information about your body, and some sections you can click on the magnifier and see even deeper.
Moreover, there are solutions for the issues in the scan.

I have an introductory offer of $48 for a 1-hour session in which you get the scan (takes 5 minutes) by placing your hand on a device to read your bodies bioenergetic fields and then 55 minutes where I guide you through understanding the results and solutions. Clients have been getting amazing results!

The introductory offer lasts until April 30th and then the price goes from $48 to the going rate of $125. There are only 2 other practitioners in the greater twin cities area. Book your session now!