Turning Pain into Peace in 2019: Our Emotional Bandwidth

Why move through emotional pain? Why feel it? Why acknowledge it?

We are told to "manage" painful feelings, go "around" them, "push past" or even "avoid" painful feelings. Sometimes we are told by our culture that doing so makes a stronger person.
Many people have stuffed painful feelings so deeply, they almost forget those feelings exist until they have an outburst or until something seemingly small sparks a quick downward spiral.

Some people have themselves off from their feelings so much, that a sort of fragmentation has occurred and it's hard to even recollect feelings over a lifespan. Then they are reminded by a physical manifestation of the pain...like regular sickness, body pain, with an illness or even a dis-ease that will slowly take their quality of life and maybe even lose their life before the average years for their lifespan.

Painful feelings like sadness, fear and anger are connected to and exist alongside feelings of joy and love. They are all part of a continuum of the human experience. So anytime people avoid feelings of sadness, fear or anger, they are also cut off from true joy and love.

Knowing this, what will you do with your painful feelings and emotional pain? Are they still accessible or have you tried to erase them and now, they manifest in physical illness? What do you do to move through painful feelings? Are you happy with your process for dealing with painful feelings?

Feeling better means first uncovering your deep denial of painful feelings, facing them in a process that is healthy for you (which may mean taking small steps at a time), and moving through your painful feelings that are trapped and stuffed deeply into our body and soul. When you give them the life they require to be healed and released...you can move through them, heal and release them and move towards your life's purpose.

The only way out is through.

In the month of February, I will continue to reflect on the concept of Emotional Bandwidth... if you have a strong bandwidth, you are comfortable with and experience a wide range of emotions.
If your bandwidth has been damaged by trauma or painful feelings have been avoided and rendered out of sight...come to my therapeutic coaching office and I will help you recover yourself and expand your emotional bandwidth for a fulfilling life.