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Part V: Healthy Holiday Relationships

In December we celebrate various holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas & New Years Eve. There may be one or more people at these celebrations that voice their beliefs in a less than appealing way, cross verbal, emotional or physical boundaries and are generally just difficult to be around. There may be a level of anxiety that builds before the celebration. Certainly, these situations trigger confusion and frustration can leave us feeling empty in the afterglow of the holiday.

Setting healthy boundaries can be very challenging because codependents lack moderate responses and we want people to like us (especially family!). Setting healthy boundaries means that you will not make everyone happy. Likely those one or two family members who are most difficult will not have healthy responses to healthy boundaries, at least not at first. 

However, when boundaries are set respectfully and repetitively (this may take the consistent practice of a few years), those difficult family membe…