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Part IV: Codependency and Boundaries

Welcome Back to the Fall Series on Codependency. The last blog highlighted the first and third item on the list of difficulties below. This blog will highlight the second item on the list: setting functional boundaries.

People Experiencing Codependency have Difficulty: Experiencing appropriate levels of self-esteemSetting functional boundariesOwning and expressing their own realityTaking care of their adult needs and wantsExperiencing and expressing their reality moderately
Why do people who experience codependency have difficulty setting functional boundaries?
Because they have not lived in a family system that had them, which renders them less able to even recognize them in other families and situations. Like a fish in water, we cannot see the water for what it is.

A person who is codependent lives in extremes and not in moderation. 

For example, they feel a moderate response is not enough, only one that is too much is enough. They either trust everyone or nobody at all. Codependent paren…