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How Would You Know? Codependency, Fall Series Part III

Welcome to Part III of Healing from Codependency and its Hidden Charms. The last blog post included a broad definition and some key signs of codependency. I hope you have taken the time to pause, go inside your mind and heart to reflect on any signs that may you relate to. 

For this blog, I chose two signs of codependency to elaborate on so that you can better understand them and start to notice how these may be true for you.  

The Signs

People Experiencing Codependency have Difficulty:
Experiencing appropriate levels of self-esteemSetting functional boundariesOwning and expressing their own realityTaking care of their adult needs and wantsExperiencing and expressing their reality moderately When people have trouble owning and expressing their own reality, they tend to emotionally "merge" with someone close to them and take on that persons feelings and reality. This can happen situationally when we have contact with specific people or all the time with people we are close to or l…