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Angers Wave, The Current: Part II

Recently,  I watched a frustrated child on the playground whose parent was telling the 7-year-old daughter to "stop crying like a 2-year-old". I was appalled. If we can't cry in frustration at age 7, I am not sure what that means for emotional development into adulthood?

Emotional expression of most kinds is commonly shut down in our society. We call people "drama queens" if they express themselves, children are told to stop whining or crying, and adults strive for "balance" and inaccurately think that balance means feeling "neutral" or "calm" all the time - as if we were robots. Society seems obsessed with being "calm", rather than learning how to effectively process the emotion of anger.

As an adult, I chose to find ways to express frustration and anger that are not commonly talked about, certainly not "prescribed" by any psychologist or coach I have ever seen. If I am highly frustrated, I take a drive and sin…