Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Lived Life: Welcome to Summer

What is more important than everything I know? Ahh, all that I could have created but didn't.

We have all heard the sentiment that communicates a sense of regret:  "The unlived life", which refers to someone who did not pursue or achieve what they really wanted. Instead, they chose to live their life as a slave to others feelings and needs, and never put themselves first.

We are taught by our parents, religions, and our culture that we should always put others first. Yet we get on an airplane and the safety rules tell us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first so we can breathe and then put the masks on our children. Self-care and self-love is a balance that must be actively chosen, or we lose ourselves to other people and the world, and never live our authentic lives.

We see people everywhere, many times they are women, who never put themselves first. They are tired, have anxiety, insomnia and an array of other symptoms of this problem of no self-love. They distract themselves from the emotional pain of rarely paying attention to their needs. Then, at some point, they don't feel their own personal power and don't perceive that they have a choice, that they are really in the driver's seat.

Many of us have the inner wisdom of our potential of what we could be or do. Sometimes we think that we don't deserve to get what we want in life. Some of us are less conscious and the negative thoughts run underground to sabotage us. For some, the grief of this failure to be ourselves takes over. In our uneducated, western way we call this depression.

When we feel out of control and things dont seem to be moving toward our goal, we can get assistance digging through the muck of it all. We can find a way to get centered, grounded and in the present moment as much as possible. We can find someone to help us allow any feelings and thoughts to emerge so they can come out, have a life and leave us. A coach can help us figure out how to express our anger and grief in healthy ways. We can seek the support we need to go inside and "have tea" or be with any unhealed issues and transform them. We can ask our unconscious minds, "what is the lesson and learning of these feelings and this experience?" We can wait for the answer. When it comes, we can gain the wisdom and most importantly, the final step: let it all go.

Come back to truth: Nothing happens to us, everything happens for us.
Get through the muck and back into your personal power 
and you can choose an authentically Lived Life.

My Challenge for you: 

Choose to make the necessary changes to make the most of this life here and now. This can start with discovering our unhealed parts and moving toward our purpose. When you would like assistance in the discovery process, Schedule an Appointment with me.

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