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Just Beneath the Surface: Spring is Here

May is Springtime and we can allow what's just beneath the surface to emerge for our greater good. Spring can wake us up from our slumber and reveal what is just beneath the surface to allow for the space to release, for your higher good.

During this time of year, we might be called to move our bodies more, transfer out the sweaters for the t-shirts, do some spring cleaning in the garage...there are lots of extra things on our plates. Some of us struggle to plan, start or finish our projects and we beat ourselves up with the list of "shoulds" and what we "should be doing". Feelings of not being "enough" or "good enough" sometimes come to the surface. That's when we know we are out of balance with our true selves. 

It is important to feel any grief that rises due to the negative, faulty beliefs about ourselves. We can choose to move through the anger (a secondary emotion) to the root feeling which is sometimes grief (a primary emotion) and