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Moving Beyond Our Original Pain: Winters End

All of us are born into this world and bring or acquire deep, emotional pain. For those who believe in past lives, we bring painful experiences and memories into this life with our soul energy. Then we acquire more as we grow. For those who believe in one life, we acquire our pain between conception and age 7 (imprint stage), first from our mother's experiences and emotions during pregnancy and then as we grow from any primary parental figures. During this stage we are like a duckling, following along what we perceive to be normal, even if it's not because we don't know the difference. A duckling will eat, walk, sleep, be afraid of, and trust whatever the parent duck does. So the question is, what happens when the parent duck models behaviors that do not support a healthy life?

For example, the parent duck likes to sleep under cars at night, because of the cold. The duckling follows and for many years this is the norm for survival. However, when the duckling grows into adu…