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How Do you Measure Your Worth?

There are many Therapeutic Coaching clients in my office who struggle with what other people may think of them; their mothers, co-workers, friends, even what strangers think of them, and especially those who they revere. They unconsciously decided at some point to measure their worth with mostly an External Frame of Reference and some have approval addiction. This frames almost all of their behavior and they are miserable and don't know why? They become human-doings, constantly assuming they know what others want them to be and move through life doing acrobats to please others and get reassurance (of which there is never enough).

When we are concerned about what others think of us, we are out of balance and experience anxiety and other emotions meant to wake us up and pay attention. It is the classic inferiority complex. We will never be liked by everyone, and we will never please everyone. Inferiority complexes lead to believing in victimhood which is a powerless position and a t…