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Simplify: From Overwhelmed to Grounded

Overwhelmed? Get Grounded in 15 Minutes.
Do you ever feel overwhelmed, flustered or un focused? How often do you take real time for yourself? It doesnt take a vacation to settle ourselves and feel better. We can choose this here and now, by using the exercise below.
The Presence Process is a daily exercise that supports feeling more focused, grounded and generally happier.  Try the following:
Choose a quiet place with no interruptions and set a timer, for 15 minutes, sit in complete stillness. Pick a focal point and allow your body and mind to relax. The purpose is to sit in surrender. Surrender to any thoughts that come through. Observe the thoughts as you allow them to come and go, like cars passing by or like radio background music. Allow any emotions to rise, experience them as they rise, flow and release.After 15 minutes you can choose how you will "digest" the experience you just had. You can simply go about your day or you choose to journal, discuss with a friend, whateve…